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Golden Stars's Real Estate agency, which is owned by the most popular agent in the area, zehava abta, founded in 1996 and since then has worked with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Today, our agency markets amazing homes for sale in the prestigious community Kochav Yair, Tzur Yigal and Sharon area.

In Kochav Yair, which is located 25 minutes or less from Tel Aviv, there are a variety of significant advantages over the rest of the country and therefore attracts many famous Respected in the media, entertainment, high-tech and the global buisness world.

If you want to get to the center of Israel while also enjoying the most quality Population,  large villas in the heart of the forest as well as cafes, pizzerias, McDonald's, schools highest quality, concerts by leading artists and more for the whole year - you have come to the right place.

We work with dozens of houses regularly so that we can always provide homes suitable for your needs.

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Golden Stars

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Currently available in Office
Properties in the price range of

1.3 to 5.5 million Israeli Shekel
And the sizes of 3 rooms to 8 rooms + unit

inon: 972-52-8191281    neta: 972-52-8191271    israel

* It is recommended to contact us and hear about properties that have not been updated yet on the site.

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כרגע במשרד

נכסים בטווח מחירים של 1.3 עד 5.5 מיליון ש"ח

ובגדלים של 3 חד' עד 8 חד' + יחידת דיור

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 משרד התיווך גולדן סטארס.      ינון: 052-8191281     נטע: 052-8191271   ויקטור: 052-8191251    זהבה: 054-4625597    פקס: 09-7492781